Perceiving Mahabharatha

Before getting deep into Mahabharata first let me put my views on  certain basics.  First symbolism  in Hinduism plays a key role.  The Hindus believed that symbolic representation of concepts makes them convenient to describe greater meta physical theories. Every deity is given an unique symbolic representation.

For example Vishnu (the protector of the universe) who takes the Avatar as Krishna in the Mahabharata is symbolically represented as sleeping on the snake on the milky ocean.. The snake has thousands of heads all turned inward symbolizing a tranquil mind, and looking toward the Absolute Truth of Lord Vishnu.  He is seen in a cosmic sleep wherein the Lord is focused on the Infinite Reality of His own identity.  He represents space which is infinite  The snake represents cosmic energy and the ocean of milk represents eternal bliss. The Brahma who is the creator of the universe came from his navel. His Chakra or discus in one of his upper hands symbolizes the cycle of time (Kala-chakra). The Chakra is also described as the Dharmachakra, maintaining orderliness and proper functioning of the Universe. His conch represents the five universal elements, when the conch is blown, it is said to produce a sound related to the original vibration of universal creation. [with due inputs from stephen-knapp ]

Sanskrit grammarians and meta physical researchers say the vedas and upanishads are written in such a way, it could give different interpretations based on the level of your intelligence. Sanskrit itself is an Alien language spoken by the Aliens who have achieved the height of philosophy and science. I believe when a civilization develops for thousands of years and become more and more advanced in knowledge, language become more conceptualized. The Aliens who are millions of light years may not speak in the same language style that we speak.  For instance if you speak with a pre-historic human even in a language of his own, you have to provide detailed descriptions of various concepts that may not be perceivable to him. Therefore when Vyasa compiling the mahabharata presented only a limited version to the humans when compared to his presentation for other Aliens. 

After that he executed another compilation, consisting of six hundred thousand verses. Of those, thirty hundred thousand are known in the world of the Devas; fifteen hundred thousand in the world of the Pitris: fourteen hundred thousand among the Gandharvas, and one hundred thousand in the regions of mankind. 

Vyasa himself being an advanced Alien knew what will be the perceivable capacity of humans in future.  So he might have encoded the technical stuff which was far advanced to that mahabharata generation and might have given an outward meaning to it (which was understandable to that generation).  These poems are memorized and duty fully passed to the next generation so that future generations advancing in science could one day decode it.  Therefore it is pre-dominant for any person who reads hindu texts to get rid of prejudiced thoughts and read them with a sense of attaining higher knowledge. 

The Rishis and the ancient sages did not experiment in the way we do in our modern times.  Rishis and sages are in one way theoretical physicist. Take for instance  Albert Einstein who generally did not work in a lab or do experiments himself. He just worked on his theories in his mind. His method was to come up with a mental picture most of the time on what is happening, what he called a thought experiment. After that he tried to develop the core pricinples from this mental picture. Finally he tried to come up with the equations which modeled his ideas. Same in the case of "Stephen William Hawking", British theoretical physicist,  he once said "It would be difficult for someone that is disabled to be an observational astronomer. But it would be easy for them to be an astrophysicist, because that is all in the mind. No physical ability is required."

The capacity to perceive advanced science and greater meta physical theories is eminent. For instance when we read the verbatical translation of Mahabharatha from the present context it may look absurd. Imagine you teach an indigenous tribal person from central Africa not aware of the outward world and you are supposed to teach him how a television works !! How will you explain it ? You don’t go into depth. You just tell him the basics of do's and donots. You cannot go beyond because its impossible for him to perceive. After the war of Mahabharatha, there was total destruction and the few surviving aliens too departed. The ordinary humans did not possess the knowledge to understand the technical stuff.  For instance, ordinary bows and arrows were used along with hand held advanced missile launchers and missiles received from Aliens.  Likewise chariot's driven by horses were used along with advanced heavily armored vehicles (may be powered through energies like etc) provided by the Aliens.  Since that generation did not have the capacity to perceive the high advanced science of the Aliens, Vyasa equated them with ordinary things and used conceptualized terms as "celestial chariots" "Dhanush" "Vimanas" "asthras" etc. 

Therefore, descriptions of various technologies in Mahabharatha cannot be dismissed as a scientific fiction. The inter-linked and inter-dependent stories of various personalities, groups and kingdoms and the philosophical height it has touched are all impossible to imagine. Moreover the in-depth description it provides is a clear sign of history rather than mythology. (take for instance the Bhisma pharva VI which describes rivers, mountains, plains, people, cultures etc). Mahabhratha times comprised of an ancient civilization influenced by hundreds of Alien's (Devas or demigods) who dominate the war. These Alien's are so powerful with their celestial and hi-tech weapons kill thousands of people in no time. Also these alien's are biologically very strong enough to withstand heavier weapons which is not humanly possible. None of these aliens are ordinary human beings as they derive their genetic codes from super-humans or Aliens. For Instance Dhritarashtra - king of the Gandharvas, Pandu - from wind god,Yudhishtira - Yama, Duryodhana - Kali purush, Sakuni - Dwapara, Sikkandin, Dussasana & other brothers - Rakshasas, Bhimasena - Wind god, Arjuna - ancient rishi Nara (also son of Indra), Nakula & Sahadeva - Aswins, Karna - One portion of sun, Abhimanyu - Moon, Dhrishtadyumna & Draupadi - auspicious portion of fire, Drona - portion of Vrihaspati, Ashwathama - Portion of Rudra, Bhishma - One of the Vasus (Son of ganga). We could observe that these great aliens who were biologically stronger and possessing incredible celestial weapons were almost indestructible. While ordinary humans belonging to this planet fell in innumerable numbers during the war.  Click [ Aliens of Mahabharatha ] for more details