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Atomic Bombs, Asthras & Other Advanced Science.

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Science of Avatar
Are we humans really advanced in Science ?

last updated 02/10/2012
Perceiving Mahabharata
How could Mahabharata be dismissed as a scientific fiction ? How do we perceive Mahabharata ? 

last updated 03/07/2012
Alien Visit
Characters of Mahabharata clearly indicates the involvement of Aliens and a detail description on them.

last updated 03/07/2012
Weapons of Mass destruction
How could 1.6 billion people die in a matter of 18 days ? This page
Studies them all in detail.

last updated 21/10/2012
Medical science
Provides Information on cloning, artificial fertilization, Education in infancy in Mahabharata.

last updated 04/07/2012
Material evidence
Material evidence with archeological findings
Time of Mahabharata
How the exact time of Mahabharata was proven using astronomical dating
Aircrafts of Mahabharata
Did Vimanas existed in ancient India ? Description of Vimanas in Mahabharata
The intuitive mind is a sacred gift and the rational mind is a faithful servant.

last updated 08/07/2012

Summary of other information provided by this blog 

WebpageShort Notes
PrefaceIntroduction stating the objectives of this site
GlossaryDictionary, providing meaning for sanskrit words that appear in Mahabharata
Important conceptsProvides information of certain terms and explains the concepts and philosophy behind them
Frequently asked questionsFrequently asked questions - How, why, where and when of Mahabharata.  Eg. Is Mahabharata Imagination of Vyasa ?
MiscellaneousConch shell science, Time dilation, Mystical Travels etc.
Advanced launchersHow bows, arrows and chariots are symbolical, and represents advanced launchers and heavy armored vehicles.
BrahmastiraExplains the usage of Brahmastira - the ultimate weapon.
HistoryInformation on the great history of Mahabharata.
GeographyProvides information on various kingdoms, rivers, mountains and the people of Mahabharata times.
Other weaponsDetails of weapons like Varunastra, Nagasthira, Agneyastra, Vayavyastra etc.
Historian ViewContribution of Pandit Kota Venkatachalam on the historicity of Mahabharata.
Vedic ViewInformation of how the entire Mahabharata can be viewed differently in a  spiritual dimension.