Advanced launchers & Heavy armoured vehicles

Advanced launchers and Heavy armored vehicles

In Mahabharatha "bows" are very clearly used as substitution for advanced launchers. This could be clearly understood from the prominence they had given to those bows received from the Aliens. For instance Arjuna's "Kandiva", Karna's "Vijaya", Krishna's "Saranga" are all extremely powerful launchers. Karna's description to Duryodhana while preparing for the war is a fine example. 

"My bow, called Vijaya, is the foremost of all weapons (of its kind). Desirous of doing what was agreeable (to Indra), it was made by Vishavakarman (the celestial architect and chief engineer) for Indra. With that bow, O king, Indra had vanquished the Daityas. At its twang the Daityas beheld the ten points to be empty. That bow, respected by all, Sakra gave to Bhrigu's son (Rama). That celestial and foremost of bows Bhrigu's son gave to me. With that bow I will contend in battle with the mighty-armed Arjuna, that foremost of victorious warriors, like Indra fighting with the assembled Daityas. That formidable bow, the gift of Rama, is superior to Gandiva. It was with that bow that the Earth was subjugated thrice seven times (by Bhrigu's son). With that bow given to me by Rama I will contend in battle with the son of Pandu....His is that celestial and foremost of bows, called Gandiva, which is irrefragible in battle. I also have that excellent, celestial, and formidable bow called Vijaya. In respect of our bows, therefore, O king, I am superior to Arjuna"

Likewise "chariot's" and "cars" are substituted for "heavy armoured fighting vehicles" which were provided by the Aliens. For instance Arjuna receives his vehicle from Indra as Arjuna was impressed by its first appearance itself as described below.

"the car endued with great effulgence and guided by Matali, came dividing the clouds and illuminating the firmament and filling the entire welkin with its rattle deep as the roar of mighty masses of clouds. Swords, and missiles of terrible forms and maces of frightful description, and winged darts of celestials splendour and lightnings of the brightest effulgence, and thunderbolts, and propellors furnished with wheels and worked with atmosphere expansion and producing sounds loud as the roar of great masses of clouds, were on that car"