When I first read the full content of Mahabharatha [English prose translated from the Original Samskrit text by Kisari Mohan Ganguli [1883-1896] (My heartiest pranams to him)] It's scientific and technological descriptions were mind-boggling. I strongly believe it to be history and not mythology. There may be some information addition and personal bias involved due to the long period of time involved. Also the epic being transmitted from generation to generation through oral communication for almost 3000 years is bound to suffer from information loss. But still a major portion of it seems to be historical and not fiction for me. 

The Aliens I had mentioned need not have researched like the way we do in our modern world. We should understand that research and experiments (by modern day scientist) are continuous search and the resulting invention is just one spark of intuition. When we tune our mind on something relentlessly (like a radio getting the right frequency) we get the answers from the universal knowledge. All major inventions were done not by intelligence but by intuition. Einstein famously quoted "The intuitive mind is a sacred gift and the rational mind is a faithful servant. We have created a society that honors the servant and has forgotten the gift".  It is said that Einstein obtained by intuitive thought that the speed of light is "constant" and later worked out theories and found it is real.  His invention E = mc2 changed the whole world.  Until then the whole world was believing that time and distance were constant.  But Einstein's theory proved that only the speed of light is constant and distance and time are relative. So science is a continuous search which keeps evolving.

Universal knowledge contains everything, that we have already invented and to be invented. All futuristic knowledge are already present, that is the truth of our Upanishads. So instead of researching physically in a laboratory, Rishis went inside them and meditated. They are pure theoretical physicists. Science of Raja yoga says "what you meditate upon, is what you get". If we go deeper into this subject of "Raja yoga" there is a great science, but not relevant to this topic.  

What we call as "modern science" today is only a new definition of science.  So both "science" and the "definition of science" keeps evolving.  When humans evolve more and discover new theories and concepts they are getting ahead in understanding the Ancient Mahabharata science or Advanced Alien science. May be in our future we can envision new theories that will enable us to understand the advanced scientific aspects of Mahabharata.

It is a pity that Mahabharata being an history seems unbelievable for a prejudiced generation which considers itself as most modern, intellectual and scientific. In fact Mahabharata challenges the western world which takes credit of most of the inventions/discoveries that was long before mentioned in this epic. I strongly believe we haven’t realistically portrayed in our Indian feature films (using latest technology) the various scientific and technical features of this great epic. This epic has got the potential to create hundreds of “Avatar” like Hollywood films.

Again in the words of Albert Einstein "Science without religion is lame. Religion without science is blind", which is very much apt to Mahabharata. Mahabharata is a blend of religion and science. The religion it preaches is "Truth prevails". The essence of life is to find "what is truth" and to live with it. So do anything for the sake of ultimate truth and abstaining from acting when required is itself sin. The philosophical content of Mahabharatha is incredible. This great nation is the source of all philosophies that exist in this world. For generations innumerable number of school of thoughts were presented and debated. Scientific research and development was less prioritized in this sub-continent called "Bharath", it focused more on higher philosophies 'eternal in substance'. As swami Vivekananda famously quoted "Science ends where philosophy starts", the endless search called science (for materialistic goals) was of a lesser priority in this part of the world and great philosophical thoughts, eternal in value, blossomed.

In short "Nobody could stop what the lord wants to give and nobody could give what the lord wants to stop", Lets keep acting for the sake of truth. So by his grace, let more research be done on these great sacred texts and bring to light the great science of our epics and be proud of our great heritage....SARVAM KRISHNARPANAM 
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Imagination is more important than knowledge. -- Albert Einstein