Before going into the science of Mahabharata refer these concepts to have a better understanding. 

What is a Mantra ? 

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If there is a science behind mantras, why not we create mantras ?

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How does the mantra function ? When it becomes accomplished ? 

Can Mantra travel and reach far away objects ?

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What is Yagna ?

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What are the Scientific aspects of Yagna ?

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Who is Rishi ?

Who are SaptaRishis?  Who are the SaptaRishi's of Mahabharatha ?

More concepts to follow


ganesh said...

very nice and knowledgeable
Can you post some good mantras?

Meesala raj akhil said...

the way of indian science and technology of ancient which just became a blind follow process. By this type of sites the indans greatness of science be known to every one please spread it all over the world

Anonymous said...

Great explination! Very logical and shows how mantras and yagnas can be a powerful medium to improve inner conciousness. A science long lost to time and superstitions is now again emerging back thanks to the efforts of authors like these who take the effort and time to create awareness among general people like us. Thanks!